Authority to Transfer Mobile Service Form (CA)


Field Solutions Group Pty Ltd inform the Director or Authorised Representative:

(a) that the service will remain active with the losing provider until the port is completed.

(b) of the full extent of any customer-authorised rights delegated by the customer to the gaining provider.

(c) that the customer should continue to contact the losing provider about the provision of services and fault restoration until the port is completed.

(d) that in respect of the service/s or service number/s being ported, the losing provider’s obligation to supply products and services, including any facilities, incentives, and benefits, ceases on completion of the port.

(e) that the customer may have to pay the penalty or cancellation fee to the losing provider.

(f) that the customer may have to pay a port out fee to the losing provider.

(g) that there may be other consequences if they end their existing contract with the losing provider early.

(h) that only those service/s or service number/s specifically requested by the customer as part of the port request will be transferred.

(i) that any other service/s or service number/s not advised will remain with the existing provider.

(j) that where a service number is to be ported using the mobile number portability processes, certain information may be required to be disclosed to other service providers, network providers and financial institutions not otherwise involved in the porting process for routing of calls, complaint handling, fraud prevention and to assist in fraud investigations and customer network fault management.

(k) whether there will be an interruption or change to the service during or because of the porting process.

(l) what type of equipment would be compatible with the gaining provider’s service, e.g.:

(i) if the customer intends to continue to use existing devices, the customer may need to request they be replaced, reprogrammed, or unlocked by the losing provider before the port.

(ii) that the device is compatible with the gaining provider’s type of network.

(m) that the porting the service is subject to validating that it can be ported.

(n) that the gaining provider will use reasonable efforts to notify the customer of the completion of the port on the day it occurs or, if completion of the port relies on a third party, on the day the gaining provider is advised that completion has occurred.

(o) of the relevant contact details for lodging an inquiry or a complaint about any port aspect if this process differs from the gaining provider’s normal complaint handling process.

(p) of the mechanism by which the customer can ascertain that the port has occurred.

(q) of any other terms and conditions of the port.

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