Corporate Governance

The Board of the Company – Field Solutions Holdings Limited (Field Solutions, Company, Group) seek to deliver long-term shareholder value through the Company’s provision of cloud services & technology solutions to corporate and government customers in the Asia Pacific market.

The Board believes there is an unambiguous and positive relationship between the delivery of long-term shareholder value and high-quality governance. Accordingly, the Board has committed to corporate governance arrangements that foster integrity, transparency, respect, trust and openness among and between the directors, management, employees, customers and suppliers.
Field Solutions and its subsidiaries operate as a single economic entity with a unified Board and management. As such, the Board’s corporate governance arrangements apply to all entities within the economic group.

Field Solutions is listed on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) under the code FSG. The Board seek to have its corporate arrangements comply with the recommendations of the ASX Corporate Governance Council, other than where the size and scale of the Company and the Board requires some variations from those recommendations.

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Field Solutions Group (FSG/ASX)