Business-grade satellite internet service for remote and regional Australia.

FIELD Business nbn™️ Satellite Service (BSS) is designed to deliver high-speed data through a suite of product solutions to homes and businesses in rural and remote Australia that fall outside the fixed line and fixed wireless areas.

Covering 100% of Australia and the major outer islands, FIELD BSS is a cost effective  connectivity solution for customers with remote teams, or large enterprises with critical business applications, particularly in rural locations.


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Internet of Things (IoT)

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Access Bandwidth Service (ABS)

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Starting from
Starting from
Starting from
Forward/Return, 30/1, 30/5, 30/13 
10kbps to support low data applications up to 2Mbps 
Uncontended, 1 - 50Mbps forward/1 - 13Mbps return 
National Coverage
Contract Length
12 - 36 months with applicable discounts 
12 - 36 months with applicable discounts 
12 - 36 months with applicable discounts 

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At FSG, we’re intentional about changing the outback communications landscape for the better, extending internet connectivity to globally competitive agribusiness, mining, and health and education services.

Why Choose Business Satellite from
Field Solutions?

Connect Remote Teams

Connect Remote Teams

Field Business Satellite connects remote sites across multiple locations, ensuring staff remain safe and connected.

Enterprise Support

Enterprise Support

Our sales and support teams are experts in remote communications and will work with you to select the best

High-Performance Internet

High-Performance Internet

Field's Business Satellite Service leverages nbn’s, high-throughput satellites and resilient ground infrastructure to offer broadband speeds of up to 25/5Mbps and low contention rates.



Resilient satellite connectivity unlocks powerful applications like cloud software, IoT devices and allows workers to remain in touch while on remote sites.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Business Satellite (BSS) for me?

If you’re a large enterprise business, government or council operating in rural remote Aussie locations, then yes, BSS is for you! Be sure to check the map here, to see if your organisation is located where business nbn™ Satellite Services are offered.

How will BSS help my enterprise business?

BSS can offer faster speeds and substantially more data and business service levels than the typical business internet plan.

Are there various levels of service assurance for BSS?

Yes! We’ve got a few options for you; Bronze, Silver and Gold. All 3 have varying levels of service response times; however, Silver and Gold come with additional components such as hardware replacement and site visits.

Can I use my Sky MusterTM satellite dish and modem for BSS?

Good question, but unfortunately no. BSS uses different satellite hardware. Just ask us and we’ll help you choose the right dish and modem for your business needs.

Why do I have to pay for my hardware and installation when Sky Muster™ is supplied for free?

Sky Muster™ supply and installation is subsidised by the Federal Government as part of its commitment to providing digital connectivity to consumers throughout rural, regional, and remote Australia. Unfortunately, BSS is not subsidised for supply and installation.

Why is BSS better for my business than Sky Muster™?

BSS is a true enterprise-grade network connectivity solution, across a resilient network with a service level target of 99.7%. BSS has greater speeds and can provide up to 1TB of data per month.


… call one of our friendly experts to see what service level suits you best…  

Who can get BSS?

nbn is extending the business nbn™ satellite service beam coverage from 93% to 100% of the Australian mainland, which means EVERY Australian can now get business grade satellite internet from August 2021.

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