Financial Hardship & Complaints Handling Policies

Assistance for Financial Hardship

A Commitment Across Our Brands

Field Solutions Holdings Limited serves as the parent company for the various brands within the group: Field Solutions Group (FSG), TasmaNet, and ANT Communications. This Payment Assessment Policy (PAP) applies uniformly to all brands falling under the Field Solutions Holdings Limited umbrella, and considers financial hardship to be a scenario where a customer is unable to meet their financial obligations with regards to our service as a result of:

  • Illness
  • Unemployment
  • Family breakdown
  • Death in the family
  • Natural disaster

We perceive financial hardship to be a case of a customer being unable to pay their bills, rather than being unwilling to.
In such scenarios, we commit to approach the situation with empathy, compassion and confidentiality; with view to a mutually agreeable resolution. In the case of financial hardship, we will seek to come to an agreement with you to cover expected future use with adjustments taking into account your financial position and a continued reduction of the outstanding debt at a reasonable level.

How to Apply

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How we handle complaints

While our goal is to provide exceptional service, we understand that we may fall short at times. If you’re dissatisfied with any aspect of our products or services, we encourage you to refer to our Complaints Handling Policy. Your feedback is essential for us to continually improve and maintain the high standards we strive for.

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Our Clients include

Field Solutions Group (FSG/ASX)