We’re Field Solutions Group, Australia’s leading, rural, regional, and remote telecommunications carrier and we’re proud to build connectivity in the bush, where other carriers don’t.

We provide home and and business internet, phones, business PABX, Managed IT, IoT, Security, CCTV and much more.

The wait is over, the network is ready and we are now live across much of Balonne Shire.

Check the map below to see when services are available in your area.

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Still got a few questions?
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What if my location is outside your coverage map? Does that mean I can’t get internet?

No problem, just because your home or business isn’t in one of the circles on the map, does not mean we can’t get you connected. All it means we may have to get a little more height to see the tower, so call us or fill in the form above with your exact location (GPS if address is not accurate enough) and we will find a way to get you connected.

Will I need any hardware?

You will need a router but we will typically supply everything you need. If you have more requirements, such as connecting various parts of a farm, or a large office or warehouse, you may need several routers or switches but our team can advise you on all that.

How much does it cost?

Connections start from $79 per month but it does depend on where you are located, how many connections you require, how much speed and whether you need a residential or business grade connection. Our team can advise you on the most suitable options for you.

How long will installation take?

A standard installation takes 2-3 hours. Our team will install a small antenna and test the signal. They will then run a wire inside your premises or home which will connect to your router.
If your installation is “non-standard” it could take longer and there may be additional costs but again, it’s dependent on your needs.

What kind of bandwidth can I get?

We offer services from 25/10mbps (25mb downlaod /10Mb upload) up to 1000/1000 Mb business grade.

Is there a connection fee?

No but there is an installation fee of $499 for a month-month contract, $299 for 24 months contract and Free on 36 month contracts

Where can I get information regarding the plans you offer?

Typical plans
FSG Residential Wireless – Unlimited data
5/2 Mbps
10/5 Mbps
25/5 Mbps
25/10 Mbps
50/20 Mpbs
100/40 Mbps

FSG Business – Just Wireless Unlimited
20/20 Mbps
50/50 Mbps
100/100 Mbps
200/200 Mbps
500/500 Mbps

Plans can depend on your exact location so please fill out the form above, or call our dedicated line and a team member can help you with specifics.

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We build end-to-end solutions that connect every part of your property. From the farm gate, through to the homestead, sheds, and via the water trough’s moisture sensors, we can get you connected.


With our country-like hospitality and fairdinkum service, we support the connectivity needs for your home. From nbn plans, to mobile plans, we’ve got a solution for you and your family.


We provide true broadband for your business so you can take advantage of the same technologies as those in the city. This includes applications such as offsite storage, security, disaster recovery and cloud apps to name a few.

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