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Balonne Digital Connectivity Project Update

It’s been just over two months since Field Solutions in partnership with Balonne Shire Council and Balonne Shire Chamber of Commerce opened the new internet network.

Held at the Country Universities Centre (CUC), the network was opened by Mayor Sam O’Toole and supported by onsite and online presentations by FSG’s Chief Operating Philippe Benoliel and Chief Sales Officer Luke Briggs to introduce business and community members to the new network FSG has been building.

Showcasing the network’s capability a number of people joined the opening online, including a group gathered at the CUC in Dirranbandi.

Building fast internet across the Shire has been a key project for Field Solutions Group and one of the council’s flagship initiatives. It will enable better connectivity solutions for the community to connect with the rest of the world. Whether it be farmers looking for better internet to leverage Agtech, or faster streaming services for education and broader learning pathways for the youth, dependable, fast internet is critical.

With most of the network now live, FSG has seen a strong take-up of the service, with over 35 connections already installed and more scheduled for delivery in the coming weeks.

Thallon build was targeted for completion by the end of October but delayed by a big harvest, preventing the FSG team’s access to some of the Graincorp facilities. Nevertheless, it’s for a great cause, so we’re now targeting the end of November at the very latest to complete the build.

For any sales inquiries call our Balonne Support Team on 02 8998 3382

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FSG Network – Balonne Coverage Map

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