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Balonne – New Points of Presence

As part of the Balonne Shire Council Digital Connectivity Project, Field Solutions Group is building 12 new points of presence (PoPs).

This consists of a combination of new telecommunications towers and existing infrastructure , each extending the range of the internet services. After months of planning we’re excited to report that development approvals and permits have all been approved and we can now share the location of the new PoPs.

The images below shows the position of the new PoPs and estimated  coverage from each of those PoPs (click to see full size image).

FSG Network – Balonne Shire Council

FSG Network Coverage – Balonne Shire Council







Please note that these are estimated only. Coverage is affected by topography, trees and all sorts of other variables. Being in or out of these circles does not guarantee coverage or lack thereof.

We also have many ways to extend coverage outside of these ranges so please reach out to us by clicking here or call us and we will check your coverage.

We can’t wait to get you connected !

Our Clients include

Field Solutions Group (FSG/ASX)