Critical Information Summary

Field Business Mobile

Information About The Service

Description of the Service
Field Business Mobile Plans are post-paid mobile services for use with a compatible Australian mobile phone device.

These plans are available to new and existing approved eligible customers.

Service Availability
Field Business Mobile Plans are available in Optus 4G coverage areas. Please check eligibility at Network Coverage Maps – Optus.

Coverage will vary depending on the device, building structure and location.

What’s Excluded

Your monthly included calls, SMS and data can not be used whilst overseas. Premium SMS, directory assistance, content services, calls to satellite numbers and premium calls are not included in monthly spend. For a complete list of all excess charges,

Minimum Term
Field Mobile Business Plans are either Month to Month or 12-month minimum term, depending on the plan selected.

What’s Included
The included below call value can be used to call: all Australian standard national fixed and mobile services, voicemail deposits and retrievals, 13/1300/1800 numbers and diversions. International Dialling inclusions are shown inclusive of GST and allow users on the corresponding plan to call and SMS any international country from Australia. Once the user has used their allocated allowance, charges per min will apply. See for IDD rates. Any unused spend is forfeited at the end of each billing cycle.

Your Data Allowance
Data Allowance for Field Business Mobile plans is listed below in the Pricing table. Included data can not be used whilst overseas. All Field Business Mobile Plans and Field Business Broadband plans will share, and pool included data each month. Any unused data is forfeited at the end of each billing cycle.

If you breach your pooled data, your Field Business Mobile plans will automatically receive a 1GB top-up for $13. You will be notified of this via SMS and or email each time a data pack is added to the account.

You can use Field Business Mobile Plans with any compatible mobile handset. You may BYOD or purchase a handset through Field Solution Group.

Information About Pricing

The Charges payable include the Monthly Plan Charge and Other Fees & Charges as outlined below.

Monthly Plan Charges

Business    plan Minimum Monthly Term Data Allowance Monthly Plan Charge Included standard National Calls, SMS & MMS Included International Dialling Spend Cost of 1MB data Total Minimum Charge over Term^
Field Business
Mobile 15
M2M 1GB $15 Unlimited*  – $0.014649 $15
Field Business Mobile 70 M2M 50GB $70 Unlimited* $500  $0.001367 $70
Field Business Mobile 20 12 3GB $20 Unlimited*  – $0.006510 $240
Field Business Mobile 40 12 20GB $40 Unlimited* $150 $0.001953 $480
Field Business Mobile 60 12 30GB $60 Unlimited* $300 $0.001953 $720
Field Business Mobile 80 12 80GB $80 Unlimited* $500 $0.000976 $960

*Please refer to the Fair Use Policy 

Cancellation Fees
The Cancellation Fee is half the Monthly Plan Charge, Monthly Installation Charge (where applicable) multiplied by the remaining contracted months.

Cancelling your Field Solutions service may also result in a cancellation of any other Field Solutions products you’ve purchased that are only available when bundled with Field Solutions Broadband. Should those products have their own contract, you will be liable for their associated break fees, if applicable.

All dollar values in this Critical Information Summary include GST unless stated otherwise.

Fair Use
A Fair Use policy applies to these plans. Customers must not use the service in an unacceptable or fraudulent way that will result in excessive usage and network congestion. If a customer breaches the Field Solutions Group fair use policy, it may result in the suspension or cancellation of the service. If this occurs, the customer will be liable for any remaining usage and contract charges.

Payment is strictly by direct debit from your nominated credit card or bank account. Visa/MasterCard payments attract a 1% surcharge. AMEX payments attract a 3% surcharge from our e-payment provider.

Other Fees and Charges
In accordance with our Terms and Conditions, Other Charges may apply for services such as Plan Downgrades, Handling Fees, Printed Invoices, Incorrect Call-Out fees, Service Reconnection fees, Payment Declined Fee, Hardware Replacement Fee. Refer to the Field Solutions Broadband Terms and Conditions

Other Information

Other Information
We provide email data usage notifications at 50%, 85% and 100% of your included data. These are sent to your mobile service number and your nominated email address.

We may change your plan inclusions and price if your service is not contracted. You will be given written notice of any changes made. Please refer to the terms at

Contact Us
You can contact Field Solutions customer service for Sales, Support & Billing assistance via

Phone: 1300 000 477

Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman (TIO)
If you are not satisfied with the resolution of your complaint by Field Solutions Broadband, you may wish to contact the TIO, an independent dispute resolution body, via:

Phone: 1800 000 058
Fax: 1800 630 614
Mail: PO Box 276, Collins Street West VIC 8007

Our Clients include

Field Solutions Group (FSG/ASX)