Critical Information Summary

Field Home Wireless Broadband

Information About The Service

Description of the Service
These plans provide a stand-alone 4G internet service with a monthly data allowance for use within Australia. 4G Internet services rely on the same mobile towers used by your mobile phone to deliver a 4G internet connection.

Field Home Wireless Broadband is available to new and existing approved eligible customers. Note that there can only be one Field Home Wireless Broadband service per address connected.

Service Availability
Field Home Wireless Broadband is available in most Optus 4G coverage areas; however, before activation, a serviceability check is required.

Coverage and speed will vary depending on the modem, building structure capacity and location. We recommend placing your device close to the window to maximise signal strength. There may be factors that affect serviceability, including device. This service cannot be used overseas.

Minimum Term
Field Solutions plans have a 24-month minimum term.

Field Home Wireless Broadband Speed
Data speeds may vary depending on the time of day, congestion, location, hardware, and general traffic.

Your Data Allowance
Data Allowance for Field Home Wireless Broadband plans is listed below in the Pricing table. These plans are stand-alone and do not share data inclusions.

Your Field Home Wireless Broadband plan will automatically receive a 10GB top-up for $10.80 up to 5 times. If you use more than the additional 50GB, your data speed will be reduced to 256kbps, and extra data will be charged at $0.01045 per MB.

Please note:
It is strongly recommended that you purchase and use an approved Field Solutions Group supplied modem. This product is a plug and play solution and does not require additional installation. If you select BYOD, it is your responsibility to ensure the modem uses the required spectrums and is configured correctly. Field Solutions Group will only be able to provide limited support for BYOD customers. If you need assistance to set up the modem, please get in touch with support.

Information About Pricing

The Charges payable include the Monthly Plan Charge and Other Fees & Charges as outlined below.

Monthly Plan Charges

Residential Plan Minimum Term Data Allowance# Monthly Plan Charge Cost of 1MB data Total Minimum Charge over 24 Months^
Field Home Wireless Broadband 99 24 500GB $99/month $0.00019335 $2,376
Field Home Wireless Broadband 69 24 200GB $69/month $0.00033691 $1,656

Cancellation Fees
The cancellation fee is half the Monthly Plan Charge, Monthly Installation Charge (where applicable) multiplied by the remaining contracted months.

Cancelling your Field Solutions service may also result in a cancellation of any other Field Solutions products you’ve purchased that are only available when bundled with Field Solutions Broadband. Should those products have their own contract, you will be liable for their associated break fees, if applicable.

All dollar values in this Critical Information Summary include GST unless stated otherwise.

Payment is strictly by direct debit from your nominated credit card or bank account. Visa/MasterCard payments attract a 1% surcharge. AMEX payments attract a 3% surcharge from our e-payment provider.

Other Fees and Charges
In accordance with our Terms and Conditions, Other Charges may apply for services such as Plan Downgrades, Handling Fees, Printed Invoices, Incorrect Call-Out fees, Service Reconnection fees, Payment Decline Fee, Hardware Replacement Fee. Refer to the Field Solutions Broadband Terms and Conditions

Other Information

Other Information
We provide email data usage notifications at 50%, 85% and 100% of your included data. These are sent to your nominated email address.

Contact Us
You can contact Field Solutions customer service for Sales, Support & Billing assistance via

Phone: 1300 000 477

Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman (TIO)
If you are not satisfied with the resolution of your complaint by Field Solutions Broadband, you may wish to contact the TIO, an independent dispute resolution body, via:

Phone: 1800 000 058
Fax: 1800 630 614
Mail: PO Box 276, Collins Street West VIC 8007

Our Clients include

Field Solutions Group (FSG/ASX)