Built to support the demands placed on modern workplaces, business nbn® Enterprise Ethernet delivers scalable, reliable connectivity with symmetrical speeds to a growing number of business locations across Australia.

As the demands placed on businesses evolve, so does our customers’ need for fast and reliable connectivity. business nbn® Enterprise Ethernet from Field Solutions has always offered fast, reliable broadband, and now it offers even more, with speeds from 2Gbps – 10Gbps.

Get a $0* Fibre Build

$0 install* is available to eligible businesses who upgrade to business nbn® Enterprise Ethernet on a 36-month contract (subject to a site qualification check).

To check your address and find out how Field Solutions can help your business, contact our solutions experts today.


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What are the benefits of Enterprise Ethernet?

Boost Business Productivity

Boost Business Productivity

Streamline workflows and unlock your business' potential by supporting multiple sites and high-bandwidth applications like video conferencing and large file transfers.

Scalable Technology

Scalable Technology

Using a high-performance fibre access network, business nbn® Enterprise Ethernet from Field Solutions is designed to change with your business and scale based on your needs. The new 2Gbps - 10Gbps plans offer even more opportunity for growth.

Network Reliability

Network Reliability

business nbn®️ Enterprise Ethernet uses a fibre access network, including dedicated point-to-point fibre between the premises and the fibre access node, making it a robust and reliable solution.

Future-proof Your Business

Future-proof Your Business

Ensure you have the bandwidth for the future with business nbn,® Enterprise Ethernet. Grow your business confidently, adding users and data-intensive programs without interruption or downtime.

Want to find out more?

nbn® Fibre Connect upgrades are available to customers in selected areas.

Eligible locations have been chosen based on demand, workforce availability and cost-effectiveness.


To find out if you are eligible for an upgrade, please fill out our contact form and our team will be in touch!



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How does nbn®️ Enterprise Ethernet work?

business nbn<sup>®️</sup> Enterprise Ethernet runs a dedicated to give users a direct path to data exchanges, thereby cutting out many middle stops that slow down latency and speeds.

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Is business nbn®️ Enterprise Ethernet available at my location?

business nbn®️ Enterprise Ethernet is available anywhere in Australia within the fixed-line footprint of the nbn®️ access network. There’s a good chance you’ll be able to upgrade to business nbn®️ Enterprise Ethernet from Field Solutions, but if you call our 100% Australian based service and support team, they can confirm for you.

How much does it cost?
A number of factors determine the monthly cost of nbn® Enterprise Ethernet, including the zone of your site as specified by nbn®, the service speed you select, and the contract term. Ask our solutions experts for a quote for your address today – you’ll be surprised how cost-effective superfast fibre connectivity can be.
How much will installation cost?

Standard connection is free for eligible businesses on installation fees which will be outlined initially by our solutions experts.

Do I need my own router?

You’ll need a router or an Access Point to connect the service. Field Solutions can supply all applicable router options to ensure your needs are met.

What is business nbn™ Enterprise Ethernet Low CoS and High CoS?
EE is a Layer 2 carrier-grade fibre service that provides high-speed bandwidth, performance and reliability across the nbn®️ Ethernet access network. business nbn®️ Enterprise Ethernet provides a symmetrical bandwidth profile that prioritises traffic, including high and low Class of Service (CoS). Low CoS gives you an excess information rate with best effort contention (excellent for internet browsing and emails, whereas high CoS delivers a committed 1:1 information rate suitable for time-sensitive apps like video conferencing.
Will Enterprise Ethernet support my high-bandwidth applications?
Absolutely. Business nbn® Enterprise Ethernet is specifically built for multi-site and data-hungry businesses, with symmetrical speeds up to nearly 10/10 Gigabit. This allows you to run your business at its very best, using technology like cloud storage, large file transfers, voice, video conferencing and more.
What if business nbn®️ Enterprise Ethernet is not available in my area?

Field Solutions specialises in connectivity and have options for customers of all sizes, and locations. Contact our solutions consultants to find out what solution we can offer you.

How long will installation take?

Approximately two-thirds of locations within the nbn<sup>®</sup Business Fibre Zones are eligible to get 2Gbps – 10Gbps services delivered within 50 business days.

How fast will faults be fixed?

Enterprise Ethernet plans offer a 12hr fault fix SLA as standard, and Enhanced SLAs (eSLA) of 8 and 4hrs fault fix is available in most locations.

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